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yoga Name of club/group: Sue Coleman's Yoga

Aims and objectives: To explore the Yogic approach to physical practice, breath awareness, mindfulness and relaxation.

Contact name: Sue Coleman FRYOG Int Dip, F&AETC, REP Level 3 Tutor

I have taught yoga classes at this Centre for many years, and I hold a FRYOG (Friends of Yoga International) Diploma, together with the City & Guilds Further & Adult Education Teacher's Certificate. My style of Yoga class has evolved from attending Teacher Training events and working with tutors from a variety of Yoga styles. I belong to various associations including FRYOG, the British Wheel of Yoga, Southampton Yoga Association and I attend in service training events. I also hold a current First Aid Certificate.

The classes are mixed ability groups with students working within their own capabilities.

Contact telephone number: 01329 661359

Contact email: For information on availability of places and membership enrolment, please contact Sue at
suecoleman (at) or via Crofton Community Centre.

Days of activity:
    Tuesday 10.00 to 11.30am
    Thursday 7.30 to 9.00pm
    Friday 10.00 to 11.30am

Brief description:

These are classes for all levels of Yoga students wishing to progress individually. Yoga is not competitive and students work within their own personal abilities. One of the aims of the class is to enjoy a balanced Yoga programme, so don't worry if you feel that you may be less experienced than other students. The class is for both men and women, with or without previous experience.

Breathing - Our normal breathing may be uneven, shallow and inefficient. You may observe and work with the breath, which can promote a calmness in body and mind.

Relaxation - Today relaxation often has to be relearned due to the stresses of our modern lifestyle. You are offered different techniques that can also be practiced on your own.

Postures - are movements or positions working with different areas of the body with awareness of the breath and concentration of the mind. We hope to improve flexibility and balance the body energy.

You will need to wear loose clothing, such as a track suit, or leggings. Bring a rug orblanket and a non-slip mat to work on and avoid eating 2hrs before the class. Please let me know of any health problems such as high blood pressure, slipped disc, hernia etc. at the beginning of the term. Ask your doctor for advice if you feel that it is necessary.

Last updated 03/06/16
Last reviewed 03/06/16