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Sport :: Short Mat Bowls :: Stubbington SMB


Name of club/group: Stubbington Short Mat Bowls

Aims and objectives: To provide bowling for the people of the area during the winter months.

Contact name/number:
Alan Purdy (President)
01329 510398    Email: alanpurdy (at)

Pat Davey (Secretary)
01489 581559    Email: patdav140341 (at)

Day(s) of activity:
       Monday afternoon and evening (subject to numbers)
       Thursday afternoon
       Friday afternoon

Brief description: Indoor bowls played with similar rules to Lawn Bowls but on individual mats which are 45 feet long, instead of grass.

Our club plays competitively in internal leagues in Autumn and Spring. In addition, we play other clubs on a friendly basis and also have several social events during the season.

The season runs from September to March.

Application forms are available from the Secretary (details above).

The current subscription (2017-18) is £13 per season plus £2.50 each time you play and £3 for friendly matches.

Last updated 16/05/17
Last reviewed 16/05/17