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Health and Welfare :: Slimming World


Name of club/group: Slimming World

Aims and objectives: Help with losing weight and maintaining that weight once a goal is achieved.

Contact name: Christine Micallef

Contact telephone numbers: 07824 643108

Contact email: christinemmicallef (at)

Day(s) of activity: Thursday

Time of activity: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm

Brief description: I'm really looking forward to personally welcoming you to my group. Before you decide whether to join, I'll tell you all about Slimming World and Food Optimising - our no-diet, never hungry healthy eating plan. Our 'new member talk' begins around 10 minutes after the group's start time, while the other members get weighed and have a chat.

I'll then ask you to join the other members and enjoy the session called IMAGE Therapy. It stands for Individual Motivation And Group Experience and it's full of warmth, friendship, laughter, ideas being shared, recipes, inspirational stories and much, much more.

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Last updated 05/06/18
Last reviewed 05/06/18