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The Centre is run as a charity and is answerable to the Charity Commission, Its Registered Charity number is 301794.

The Crofton Community Centre has a committee who work with the Centre Manager and the staff to organise the activities and make decisions on improving the Centre.

There are two committees, the Full Council which meets four times a year and the Management Committee which meets 5/6 times a year with an Annual General Meeting in May. The Management Committee are Trustees of the Charity. One of the trustees (and a deputy), are elected by Fareham Borough Council as its representative, at its Annual Council Meeting in May, from Councillors representing Stubbington and Hill Head, (which is known as the 'area of benefit'). In practice, many of the committee members sit on the Full Council and the Management Committee.

Currently, Fareham Borough Council maintain the outside of the building and the Sports Hall. The staff and committees manage the internal facilities and staff costs with income from membership and room lettings. Applications for grants can be made from various bodies if income is insufficient to complete maintenance or update for the Disability Discrimination Act, Legionnella requirements or the new laws that were implemented by the government in October 2007 for fire regulations.

Last updated 05/11/13
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