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Crofton Community Association

Registered Charity 301794

Booking Cancellations

The CCA ‘Bookings Cancellation Policy’ is applicable to all hirers of the CCA’s facilities.

Non Refundable booking deposit fees

If ‘The Hirer’ cancels the booking, the hirer shall forfeit their non-returnable deposits, regardless of the notice given.

Additional Penalty

The following shall apply to all hirers when cancelling pre-booked hiring of the CCA facilities;

28 days or more notice given - No additional penalties

8 to 27 days noticed give - 50% of the full hiring fee

48 hours to 7 days - 75% of the full hiring fee

Less than 48 hours’ notice given - 100% of the full hiring fee

Cancellation Number:

Important note:

All cancellations must be made in writing/email by the hirer and you will be issued with a cancellation number.

In the event of non-payment, or failure to attend a pre-booked facility without informing the CCA will result in the immediate termination of any relevant hiring agreement

Nicky Rayner (CCA Manager) 7th September 2010

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